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Eden Hazard To Wear 17?

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It sounds as though we've got some information on just which number new signing Eden Hazard will be wearing with Chelsea: 17. He'd have liked to have gotten the number ten, of course, but that was already taken by Juan Mata. I was kind of expecting him to take the number he started with at Lille, 22, but that's because I had momentarily (and mercifully) forgotten that Ross Turnbull existed.

Anyway, this tidbit comes from a short article on which comes with a few other amusing gems, including the fact that John Terry apparently asked Hazard to take it easy on him at Wembley (Hazard agreed, but presumably didn't have that chat with Ashley Cole) and a quote about Fernando Torres that made me laugh - something along the lines of 'he's a great player because he's shown that in the past'. I didn't say it wasn't a dark, depressing laugh.

Anyway. Eden Hazard. Chelsea's number 17. Seeing that number will be a heck of a lot more welcome next year than last.

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