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What Marko Mitrovic Actually Said

There've been a few eyebrows raised over soon-to-be free agent Marko Mitrovic's comments about Chelsea FC. Sky Sports grabbed some of the juicier lines from the young Swede's interview with Expressen and used them to stir up a little bit of controversy. Fortunately, commenter Jody Morris (a man of many skills, clearly) has provided us with a fuller translation - one that indicates we should be a little less cranky with our young friend:

-Chelsea didn't really want to give their youngsters a go but instead sign players with more experience. You have to show an understanding for that and that is why I have decided to move on. I'm on vacation in the US right now and I will wait a bit. I will ponder about my alternatives and see what's best for me and where I can get playing time."

Despite not featuring in the Premier League the striker is certain he made the right decision four years ago when he signed for Chelsea and moved to London.

- This time has been magical. It's gone really well for me and I've developed enormously but I'm turning 20 soon and it's time for me to take the next step.

What alternatives do you have?

-Unfortunately I can't say. You're not guaranteed playing time anywhere, not even if you're Messi or Ronaldo, but I want to go to a club where I'm given the chance to play.

Have you been in contact with Malmö?

-Unfortunately I can't talk about that either.

Much more amiable stuff, that. Clarification is good!

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