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Some Notes From Eden Hazard's First Chelsea Interview

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Some paraphrased bits and bobs from Chelsea TV's interview with the club's most recent signing, Eden Hazard. Who has signed with us. For realsies!

  • Rebuilding project. With Didier Drogba leaving, Hazard knows that Chelsea will be in a rebuilding project, but he's very excited about contributing to it. He knows it'll be difficult to improve on the Champions League win this season, and he also knows his place in the squad is far from guaranteed, but he'll work very hard on both.
  • Who suggested he join? Romelu Lukaku had nothing but good things to say about the atmosphere and the club, and he helped influence Hazard's decision greatly. So too did former Blue Joe Cole, who spoke very highly of Chelsea to Hazard while both were at Lille.
  • Premier League. It's the best league in the world, says Hazard. He wanted to play at this level to test himself and hopes he can meet the challenge. He's not big, but he's strong and confident he can stand up to the rigours of the league.
  • Where does he want to play? In the hole behind the striker. Hazard feels he is at his best when he's playing others in, not necessarily scoring himself. He's looking forward to playing alongside Juan Mata, Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge.

Nothing but professionalism from Hazard there. I know that the transfer saga has seen him labelled as something of a primadonna, but I'd suggest that you shouldn't believe everything you read about him - he comes across very well here.

Welcome to the Bridge, Eden. And no, we still don't know his squad number.

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