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Dries Mertens Apologises To Gary Cahill Over Injury

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As you've probably already heard (if not, either scroll down or continue reading this line), Gary Cahill has been ruled out of Euro 2012 with a broken jaw. The Chelsea defender sustained the injury early in the first half of England's friendly at Wembley when he collided with Joe Hart, which sounds innocuous enough until you actually see what happened - he was shoved into his onrushing goalkeeper by PSV Eindhoven winger Dries Mertens.

It was a pretty shabby thing to do on Merten's part, and it's resulted in a fairly serious injury to a player who would have been looking forward to starting for his country in a major international tournament. Fortunately, the Belgian's seen fit to apologise:

I sincerely apologize for the harm I've cost to Cahill. When in the heat of the moment, you often don't think about the consequences. My thoughts go out to him and I hope he recovers well!

I think I'd advise Mertens to be less 'heat of the moment' in an international friendly in future, but that challenge shouldn't even have been made in a competitive match. At least he's sorry.

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