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Gregory Van Der Wiel Debunks Chelsea Rumours

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We're all waiting on the Eden Hazard news to drop today, but there's other stuff going on as well. Unfortunately for the 45% of readers who think that the right back position is the next important spot to be addressed, said stuff is rumour rebunking from Ajax fullback Gregory van der Wiel, who has confirmed that there's been no contract between himself and Chelsea:

I didn't hear anything from my manager, I think it is just rumours and we will see in the future what comes. Yeah of course I would, it is a beautiful club. I watch a lot of English football and they won the Champions League and it was a great performance.

-Source: Sky Sports.

We've already questioned the validity of the van der Wiel rumours, which seemed to be sourced on rampant speculation, and hopefully this will be the end of them until there's actually some substance there. Personally, I'd be shocked if what is essentially a backup right back (or any more 'squad' type players) were brought in before a permanent manager is in place.

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