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Several reasons why you shouldn't get excited about the Stevan Jovetic to Chelsea rumors

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"News" outlets have been running with the idea that Chelsea are considering paying the £25 million buyout clause in Stevan Jovetic's contract and bringing the young attacker to Stamford Bridge (we profiled him here). In theory, this makes an awful lot of sense. The reported buyout is expensive, but doesn't seem entirely unreasonable. Lot's of less than reliable websites are reporting this though, and the more reliable ones don't seem to be giving this more than a passing glance. Here's the relevant "information" from an entirely unreliable source:

Jovetic reportedly has a buy-out clause in his contract to that value ( £25 million) which the bid would trigger.

So why did I link you to such a notoriously unreliable source as tribalfootball? It's because I seem to remember that same website running an article shortly after Jovetic extended titled "Jovetic agent reveals no buyout clause in new Fiorentina deal". That article correctly identified Jovetic's agent and quoted him with the following:

The termination clause? I do not see why we must talk about something like that. In the contract, it is not there. There is no problem about it.

That's odd, isn't it? It appears that the agent for the player seems to be saying that this £25 million buyout doesn't actually exist. They then later write an article claiming Chelsea are planning on meeting the buyout that they've reported doesn't actually exist. Imagine that...

One other important factor really needs to be considered here. This buyout that has suddenly come into existence is a reported £25 million. This is all well and good, but as an Italian club, Fiorentina would negotiate a buyout using the Euro as the currency of choice. I suppose it's possible that they picked a sum that rounds to such a nice, round figure when converted to pounds, but logic would suggest that they didn't settle on a 31.184 million buyout for the convenience of the English press. If it looks like a turd and smells like a turd, the rumor is probably a turd. Sorry Jovetic fans, while there may indeed be interest, this rumor seems like one for the garbage bin because it definitely screams turd.

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