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Hulk loves David Luiz and claims that other clubs are interested


Isn't it great when the title of an article lists the "news" in order of it's importance? Hulk had some quotes for Globo Esporte today, and we'll make sure you have them here. Please bear in mind that much can be lost in translation here, as the interview was definitely not done in English. First an foremost, Hulk doesn't seem to want to smash David Luiz:

I am a playful and get along well with everyone. But my companion was David Luiz in Sao Paulo and Vitória still early career. He is a great friend.

Surprised? I'm not either. Who doesn't love them some David Luiz? When he was asked if he preferred London or Paris he responded with this:

Frankly I do not know about my future. All I know is that several other clubs besides these two that have shown interest in me.

He also added this:

I'm not desperate to leave Porto. There is an obsession. I love the Portuguese fans and have always been right with the club. Now, if the advance understandings and some European club to reach an agreement with Porto, I go out.

So, nothing shocking today from Hulk. He's happy at Porto, loves the fans, but is willing to move if the right offer comes around. Lot's of clubs are interested in adding a very good player. David Luiz is awesome. I don't really see more that we can take from his comments that that, although I'm sure some outlets will find a way to twist them to make Hulk out to be either desperate for or snubbing Chelsea. To each their own I guess, I'll stick to taking his comments at face value.

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