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Marca is at it again...

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I think most are under the assumption that Luka Modric is going to be playing his football outside of White Hart Lane next year. The reasons seem obvious...more money, Champions League, and better chances to win domestically. Combined with his apparent desire to leave last summer, it's really doesn't require a brain surgeon to determine that little Luka would like to leave.

With that said, there are always less than credible sources out there that will twist or make up "news" at the drop of a hat to increase traffic and sell papers. While I can't respect that, I can at least understand it. As bad as that is though, some Spanish "news" sources take things a bit further. "News"papers like Marca or AS are typically known as the mouthpiece or Real Madrid, and take a ridiculously pro-Real approach to everything they write. El Mundo Deportivo and Sport do the same from a Barca perspective, with all 4 outlets being among the least reliable news sources on the planet. So what did they have in store today? Read for yourself:

"I’m going to play in the Champions League, I want to win that competition", said Modric to the club bosses to show them what he wanted. "I’m not going to be able to achieve my dream here", the player insisted

That's right, Marca has insider quotes from Luka Modric's supposed meeting with Daniel Levy and the Tottenham brass. If you believe Marca, somebody thought that it would be a good idea to go leak this "quote" to the ridiculously biased foreign newspaper known to promote all things Real Madrid as opposed to any other more credible news source on the planet. Clearly this makes a ton of sense for Luka Modric, as pissing off Daniel Levy worked so well in the past to facilitate a move. It also makes tons of sense for Levy who clearly wants to reinforce the fact that he's got an unhappy player that he needs to sell.

We all know Luka would prefer to leave. We know lot's of clubs are interested. We can even come to the reasonable assumption that Spurs would prefer to ship him out of England as opposed to across town. None of these things take insider information to determine. I'd avoid getting all excited about this "news" from Marca though, as I'd be pretty skeptical that it isn't made up.

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