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The agent for Victor Moses and Wigan are having a spat

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Things are starting to look like they might get messy between Victor Moses and Wigan Athletic, and the Sun (I know) had some quotes today which seem to highlight the fracturing relationship. Dave Whelan has been quoted with the following comment about Moses:

We took this lad as a teenager and everything he has he owes to Roberto Martinez and Wigan Athletic.

Victor's agent, Tony Finnigan, responded with the following:

All I will say is: How did Vic end up at Wigan, when he could have gone to Manchester City? Who took him to Wigan?

Sounds friendly, doesn't it? It's seemed fairly obvious that Finnigan and Whelan haven't been seeing eye to eye for a bit now, and this back and forth in the media doesn't really do anything to dispel that idea. It does make Whelan sound like a bit of a blowhard though, as Wigan took advantage of a smaller club and bought the promising winger from Crystal Palace at a time when they were going to administration.

From a Chelsea perspective, this probably makes it a bit more likely that we'll see Moses move on. Beyond the fact that Moses is probably ready for a bigger club, his fee by tribunal in a year is likely to be smaller than whatever Whelan can eventually get out of Chelsea or any other interested club. If you're a Moses to Chelsea fan, this public spat should make you smile*.

*I'm Smiling

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