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Modric Madrid Bound?

If you believe Marca, then Luka Modric has agreed to join Real Madrid this summer, effectively banishing him to the nether-world that is their midfield mayhem. Let me be the first on the record to say, this news has saddened me to my core. I weep within. More, after the jump:



Marca are carrying the story this morning that little Luka has decided the best place for him to play next year is, yeah, Madrid. Color me surprised at this one. I have no idea why he would relish an opportunity to be a fourth or fifth choice midfielder given the glut of talent that Madrid currently boast. Provided this is true, and there's no way to verify the validity of this story at present, it would signify the beginning of a major overhaul at Tottenham, who likely will look to cash in on a number of existing top-tier players (Bale, Van der Vaart, et all). But the part that worries me is that Modric continues to be one of the few existing players on the open market who can immediately improve our squad across the board. He's a seasoned Premier League player and frankly, more important in my eyes than adding Hulk to the ranks.

That said, if he does manage to move to Spain I'll openly pine for his return. I truly believe Modric would be a savvy addition to our midfield, could slot into the starting lineup from day one, would present us with an exciting option for the future and might truly become a natural replacement for Lampard in the middle of the park. But all of this, mind, is predicated on what the club are considering to do. If Madrid are well and truly involved, then I'd hope Chelsea enter the picture with a bid. Provided the Hulk deal is, as it seems to be now, on life support, it's a far more prudent course for Chelsea to consider. But remember, we still need to address some other spots in our lineup, namely finding a Right Back that can provide adequate cover for Ivanovic.

Chime in friends, what say you.

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