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Luka Modric Looks Depressingly Close To Real Madrid Move


Today in 'things that make Graham cranky': Luka Modric to Real Madrid is getting realler and realler:

Fortunately, it's just Marca, although they're being awfully precise with terms, apparently claiming the deal is for around €35M. This is worrying, and deeply annoying because a) I want Chelsea to get Luka Modric, because he is essentially the perfect fit for our system at present and b) I love watching Modric play and I hate the idea of him being buried in the midfield quagmire that is Real Madrid, something that's already happened to Nuri Sahin.

If Madrid are really involved, I'd like to see Chelsea make a real push to thwart them. We need a midfielder more than they do, have the financial power to hold our own in a bidding war, are in the Champions League and can keep Modric in London. The problem, of course, is that Daniel Levy might not want to sell in England because he is stubborn. Even if that's true, the Blues should still be bidding, just to show Luka that they're serious about him.

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