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Victor Moses speaks about a potential transfer

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Two days ago we awoke to the news that Chelsea had mad a bid for Wigan's Victor Moses. Yesterday brought us the idea that Moses would be availbale for the right price. Today we get to hear from Moses himself. According to the Daily Mirror:

Now that I'm done with the national team, my attention should switch to the transfer window. I've heard a lot of offers are on the table. First of all, Wigan have the final say, but for me, the highest bidder would take the day. But right now, I'm still a DW faithful.

The Mirror has taken these quotes to mean that Moses is simply looking for the team that offers him the most money. Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with that stance considering the length of most player's careers. I'd take the quote a bit differently though, as I'd assume this is meant to imply that Moses is open to a move anywhere and isn't set on any one club in particular (Wigan included).

If you're a fan of Moses and want him at Chelsea, this would appear to be very good news. It would seem he'd be more than happy to come if the money is right, and he's said nothing yet to indicate he'd prefer less competition for playing time. Considering the financial advantage that Chelsea have over basically everyone, it would appear that Moses can be had if we really want him. I'd be curious to see just how highly we value him, as I think he'd be an excellent buy at about twice what we've already bid. I guess we'll find out, as it really seems unlikely at this point that he'll be extending his stay at Wigan.

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