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My Favourite Chelsea Highlight

A little while ago, I was asked* to think of my favourite Chelsea highlight and share it with all of y'all here. It wasn't an easy question, especially after the insane drama of last season. Was it Didier Drogba's European Cup winning penalty? Fernando Torres' goal at the Camp Nou? Or was it something from Chelsea's past, perhaps? A moment of glory like Roberto di Matteo's screamer in the 1997 FA Cup final would surely work, as would basically anything Gianfranco Zola ever did.

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For a long time, I was sure I was going to take Torres' goal for the sheer lunacy of it. But in the end, I thought better of it, and reminded myself of a trophy that felt more important to me at the time than the 2012 European Cup - our first Premier League title:

That whole season was a long, long victory parade announcing that the Blues had arrived on the big stage. This goal capped it off. It wasn't an easy game by any means, nor was it an easy goal - Frank Lampard had to bully his way through the defence to even get a chance before ripping a shot past Jussi Jaaskelainan and giving us our first league championship in fifty years.

So, after a long and arduous search, that's my favourite Chelsea highlight. What's yours?

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