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Hazard Watch / England-Belgium / Your Saturday Open Thread

Are you excited? I'M EXCITED! Well, as excited as you can get for a generally meaningless friendly. But with still 6 days to go until a meaningful kick of the ball at Euro 2012, this is the best it gets for right now.

So it's Hazard + 10 v. a Chelsea defense + Manchester United attack:

England (4-?): Hart - Cole, Terry, Cahill, G.Johnson - Parker, Gerrard (c), Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Young, Welbeck

I have no idea what's going on with that front line and I do not care to hazard a guess.

Belgium (4-?): Mignolet - Gillet, Kompany, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Fellaini, Dembele, Mertens, Witsel, Mirallas, Hazard

I'm sure they'll play some sort of formation as well.

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