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Why the Victor Moses bid?

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Thanks to Dave Whelan, we know for certain that Chelsea have definitely lodged a bid for Victor Moses. At 4 million, it seems like it should have been clear from the start that this bid would never be accepted by Wigan. As a "homegrown" Nigerian International who has proven to be a solid Premier leaguer at just 21 years of age, 4 million is far too small a sum to expect Moses to be transferred for. He's only got a year remaining on his contract, but he'll be under 23 when it expires and therefore not available on a free transfer. So why the lowball bid? Here's my initial thoughts:

  • He and Hulk played predominantly the same position this season. The fact that we aren't in a "Hulk or bust" scenario would seem to help us stand our ground as far as a fee is concerned.
  • Regardless of Whelan leaking this to the media, this certainly will let Moses know that Chelsea have interest. Chelsea interest means Chelsea wages. Knowing for certain that those are out there makes it a lot less likely that Moses takes any Wigan offer or settles for a less than ridiculous raise from a side like QPR.
  • Chelsea play in Europe every season. I'm sure Moses wants this. Clubs like Reading and QPR just can't offer this even if they were to give Victor a big raise. Moses just became a little more difficult to woo for them.
  • Wigan would likely favor a move to Chelsea over clubs in more direct competition with them. Chelsea also potentially have more money and some talented youngsters they'd be looking to loan. I'd expect at least a phone call before Wigan sell Moses now.

I highly doubt Moses is plan A at this point or we'd have seen a more substantial bid. With that in mind though, Chelsea seemed to have made it a point to make sure Moses and the rest of his potential suitors know they are interested. It's far too early to think we'll actually complete this signing, but the fact that we're involved should at least get things moving on the Hulk front. All in all, this seems like fairly good news to wake up to.

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