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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Salomon Rondon For Striker?

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Here's a new striker rumour, if you're into such things - Chelsea are being linked to Venezuela and Malaga centre forward Salomon Rondon, who if you believe the gossip is also being linked to Newcastle United and Arsenal. The Mail is reporting that the English clubs value him at £10M, while Malaga are not interested in selling him for less than £20M.

On the face of things, this makes some sense. Rondon is a young striker with a tonne of potential and Chelsea are in need of all the Fernando Torres insurance they can possibly get their hands on. Once you dig deeper though... things get confusing.

  • Watching the highlight videos of Rondon's play is jaw-dropping. He seemingly has all the attributes you could want in a centre forward, from first-rate athleticism to a fantastic touch and adaptability. The problem is, half the time (more than half, to be honest), they simply don't turn up. At his best, Rondon is clearly Chelsea calibre. Unfortunately, he's at his best maybe 20 percent of the time.
  • Then there's the issue of Malaga selling a player to Chelsea. The La Liga side have new, rich, ownership and have qualified for the Champions League next season. They're currently in a position where they should be picking off talent from other teams rather than vice versa. What can Chelsea offer Rondon that Malaga can't? Higher wages? Nope. Champions League football? They've got that too. A place on the bench behind Fernando Torres? Sure, but that's not really a compelling reason to join.
  • And finally, I think we can all agree that strikers named Salomon don't tend to turn into world-beaters at Stamford Bridge.
So, yeah. I don't think this rumour makes much sense. What would make sense is if Rondon is agitating for a raise at Malaga. What better way to frighten your bottomless-money-pit employers than to have your agent drop hints that you could move to England?

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