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Chelsea Rumors: Di Matteo deal may be more than 1 year after all

Mmm...Ice Cream
Mmm...Ice Cream

At this point it seems all but certain that Roberto Di Matteo will be back in charge at Stamford Bridge next season. Up to this point, it's appeared as if the deal would see him placed in charge on a 1 year deal, giving the club a chance to re-evaluate the position at seasons end. Matt Lawton of the Daily Mail (I know) had the following to say this afternoon:

Contract terms have now been agreed - and it is definitely more than a one-year deal that would look like he was simply holding the fort until Pep Guardiola made himself available.

Lawton doesn't give a source or even claim to have one, but the certainty with which he asserts that Di Matteo will be given a multi-year deal is worth noting. As usual, I'm skeptical of the fact that this news is coming from a source as notoriously unreliable as the Mail, but at this point I'm not going to be making any assumptions about the length of the deal until it's formally announced. Personally I think I'd prefer a one year deal, but I'm sure many of you disagree with me. With that in mind, vote in the poll below...

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