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The Roberto Di Matteo Rumours Continue

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I think, if you'd asked me what I wanted happening in terms of the managerial situation a few weeks ago, before 50% of every waking thought I had was occupied by Euro 2012, I imagine I would have told you I wanted Roberto di Matteo on a one-year deal to more fully assess his abilities as a manager over the long haul. Sure, we won the FA Cup and Champions League under his guidance, but a team like Chelsea has to be able to finish in the top three consistently in order to survive at this level, and sixth isn't good enough.

At any rate, I have some good news for pre-Euros me, courtesy of Chelsea journalist Matt Lewis:

I guess that's also good news for anyone who thinks the managerial situation needs upgrading before we do anything else this summer. Since Pep Guardiola's off the board for a sabbatical, this is probably the most sensible decision the Blues could make. I know some people are upset over some poor performances in the league, but I find it difficult to fault the manager for making a gamble on the Champions League final and then pulling it off, which is probably the most correct interpretation of di Matteo's late-season run with Chelsea.

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