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David Luiz Talks Hamstrings, Parties

David Luiz destroys an incoming asteroid <em>with the power of his mind</em>.
David Luiz destroys an incoming asteroid with the power of his mind.

Worried about the fitness of David Luiz and Gary Cahill for the Champions League final? Well, you should be, because it'd be pretty terrifying to see Jose Bosingwa play centre half against the likes of Mario Gomez. Fortunately, it sounds like David Luiz is optimistic about his hamstring:

Every day, I have had treatment and am going through hard training so that, in Munich, I can play. I am doing everything I can for this game. It is a dream [to play]. Not just my dream of course, but for all players in the world. They all dream to play in the Champions League final. I think my fitness will be good and I will be fit for Munich.

Source: Guardian.

Then again, David Luiz appears to be optimistic about more or less everything, so take all of this with a grain of salt. We're still in the dark about Cahill, but we do have two weeks and next Sunday's match will give us an indication of whether or not they're ready to take the pitch against Bayern Munich. As for David Luiz... well, he's in a good mood:

I'm very happy. A special day, a special game and a special party now.

I bet David Luiz parties are the best parties.

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