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Poll: What would you do with Daniel Sturridge?

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Earlier tonight I ran an article listing the players who are out of contract at the end of this season. Now that you've had some time to mull that over, I thought I'd let you vote on what you'd like to see the club do with the young attacker. Daniel Sturridge will be 23 this fall, so should Chelsea let his contract expire they'd be getting a fee decided by tribunal in return for the youngster. We've seen flashes of potential from Danny, but we've also seen extended periods of poor play. We're also reportedly on the verge of signing a similar player in the form of Hulk, so we'd realistically have a replacement already.

The way I see it, there are 3 viable options for the club at this point. We could give Danny a big new deal this summer, and it will likely include a raise from his current wages. We can sell Sturridge this summer, keeping in mind that Manchester City would receive a 15% cut of any fee we agree to. We could also go into the season with Danny's contract as is, further evaluating him and his future with Chelsea. So what do you all think? Vote in the poll and discuss away...

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