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Chelsea Close To £40M Hulk Deal - Telegraph

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Well this is interesting. There are no quotes from Hulk, Porto or Chelsea, but according to the Telegraph a deal that would see the 25-year-old Brazilian move to Stamford Bridge in the summer is very close to being done. The cost is eye-watering: £40M is the quoted price (half of his buyout clause), although it's worth pointing out that he's not expected to be on a particularly high salary in the Premier League, so the total monetary commitment will probably be significantly lower than that paid out to secure Eden Hazard's services.

I've mentioned a few times that I don't think Hulk is a particularly good fit for the club, but if we do sign him I'm not going to complain that much. Tactically I don't know how we'd set up, but that's not really my problem - I just want to see good football. Good, fun football. And Hulk is incredibly, incredibly fun. So, if this does go through, I'm going to take my footballing reasons for not wanting him and forget about them. FUN SHALL BE HAD.

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