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It's Barcelona's Turn to Inquire about Ivanovic


Branislav Ivanovic has turned into a hot commodity all of a sudden, with both of the Spanish giants batting their Champions League Semifinal-losing eyelashes at the Serbian Man/Bear. This may strike you as a surprise, but then again, Valens did post that one video dedicated to Ivan' perhaps the sporting directors on the Iberian peninsula were all very impressed.

Ivanovic did admit interest from Real Madrid over the weekend, an interest that The Daily Mail rates at £15m. Not to be outdone, Barcelona has now stepped in as well:

Real's fierce La Liga rivals Barcelona have also stepped in as they search for defensive reinforcements, with prime target Thiago Silva looking likely to stay in Italy with AC Milan. Barcelona see Ivanovic as someone who can cover at right back and central defence as well as giving them extra physical presence.

-Source: The Daily Mail

Yes, I have no doubt that this is just another transfer rumor/story special, devoid of any quotes, substance, value, or, in fact, reason...but then again, the rumored £23m transfer fee does make you think twice. After all, Ivanovic is not a first choice center back, nor is he ideally a first choice right back - he's really like the defensive version of Salomon Kalou - so if somebody came waving a suitcase full of 1/2 Eden Hazard-money, wouldn't you be very, very tempted to say yes?

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