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Hazard To Be Announced After England-Belgium Friendly?

Alright, I don't speak Dutch, but apparently some of you do! There's a video on today featuring Eden Hazard and interim Belgium coach Marc Wilmots, and it purportedly claims that the 21-year-old will remain in England following the two countries' friendlies on Saturday, whereupon he'll be announced by Chelsea.

All seems reasonably legit, and you can definitely hear Wilmots say 'press conference' in the two-minute segment, so I wouldn't be too worried that this is a windup. Then again, this is Eden Hazard we're talking about, so it definitely could be one. The man is such a genius at trolling that even 'I will join the champions of Europe' is being taken as ambiguous.

At any rate, we'll have someone to watch very closely on Saturday as England take on Belgium. If he picks up an injury in that match, I'm going to murder someone. Possibly myself. Actually, Mr. Wilmots, how about you just not play him at all?

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