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Hazard signing for 'champion's league winner'

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It appears this protracted saga, as annoying as it has been, is finally over. Eden Hazard says, via his official Twitter page, that he's signing for Chelsea.

Nothing's official yet, but I guess we can roll with what we have. So, thoughts? Whatever your opinion of how Hazard, along with his agent, has handled this move, it's time to move on. Above all the ridiculousness he spouted to the media over the past few months is the fact that we have hopefully just secured one of world football's great young talents. Yes, this is superb news because, well, Chelsea just got a lot fucking better.

Welcome, Eden. Just make sure you sign the contract before you change your mind.

Sidenote: This is kind of an ambiguous statement isn't it? He could honestly be referring to any CL winner. What a cheeky bastard.