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Battersea Bid Not Looking Good For The Blues

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Amid all the Eden Hazard talk (what a tease!) there's unhappy news as far as Chelsea are concerned on the stadium front - Reuters are reporting that the club are set to fail in their bid to buy the Battersea Nine Elms site, the proposed location for a new stadium.

According to the report, a source described Chelsea's bid as 'way off the pace', and a collaboration between Malaysian real estate company SP Seita and whatever a Geoffrey Bradman is will probably win, with a decision to be made as early as next week. This is obviously far from definitive, as there are plenty of conflicting reports about the subject, but as someone who's gotten their hopes up about the Battersea site this is pretty unfortunate. I think Chelsea will have to leave Stamford Bridge someday, and I hope that it'll be for somewhere awesome like the proposed Battersea stadium rather than somewhere soulless. Oh well. I'm not going to get too sad about the whole affair until a decision's actually finalised anyway.

H/T: Yamish for the heads up.