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ESPN Source Claims Roberto Di Matteo Will Stay

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As a writer who relies on actual journalists for the news, unnamed sources bug me a great deal. I don't really like taking things on trust. But when Soccernet, who tend to be honest if not entirely bright, is willing to run with an unnamed source as their headline story, I guess I should go with the flow on this, because we have big news - Roman Abramovich is apparently about to offer Roberto di Matteo a full-time job with Chelsea.

Here's the quote that they're going with:

I think Di Matteo will stay for one year. It might not be ideal, but I am sure he would take it. I am sure he wants the job and will go for it, believing he can prove he is worth keeping. There is sure to be a decision sooner rather than later.

I know that the Mail has reported the exact opposite with regards to di Matteo, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that ESPN are more trustworthy. This deal would make sense for pretty much everyone - Abramovich and Chelsea get a respected coach who won't cost huge money on a short-term basis, and di Matteo would get an opportunity to prove that his league and cup double wasn't a fluke. If the club has sat down with him and determined that he'll be able to compete on all fronts this year while refreshing the squad, there's no reason whatsoever to let di Matteo go.

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