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And here we go again: Santos president reminds us that Chelsea are still interested in Neymar

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Neymar and Hiroki Sakai
Neymar and Hiroki Sakai

Chelsea are Champions of Europe. Chelsea have lot's of money. Chelsea have lots of holes to fill on their roster. These three things combined will likely lead to another summer where we are linked to every player under the sun, and from the early looks of it this window might have us linked to more names than usual.

This is clearly bad news for Alvaro Luis Santos De Oliveira, as more names being linked to the top clubs in the world mean less media hype for his favorite toy, Neymar. Not to fear though, today he made sure to remind all of us that Neymar does, in fact, still exist and that Chelsea are indeed an option for the young superstar. From the horse's mouth:

Neymar not only wants Real Madrid and Mourinho, but there are also Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Chelsea and PSG

Look, I don't think we really need to read too much into this at this point. Santos obviously want a ridiculous amount of money for their prized asset that we nearly signed away 2 summers ago. Neymar has just 2 seasons left on his contract, and teams are looking like they are hoping to do their shopping early this summer. I'm sure we'd have interest, but I have a hard time believing this is any more than just the obligatory name drop for the moment. It does surprise me that City weren't mentioned though, as they have a fair bit of money as well. With that said, it's always worth keeping an eye on when your club is repeatedly mentioned with the top young talents in the world, and Neymar certainly qualifies as that. Enjoy...

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