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Hazard Watch: Final Decision Not Yet Made; Down To 3 Clubs

There are plenty of rumours circulating that Eden Hazard is set to join Manchester United next week, but quotes from the midfielder himself completely contradict them, with Hazard claiming that he's made no decision yet - although he has ruled all but United, Manchester City and Chelsea out of the running.

I do not know when a decision will be made about my future club. It will be between Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. The final choice also depends on how much play that I would get and the position where I play. Not everyone can say that he can choose from these three clubs.

-Eden Hazard. Source: Sky Sports.

I suspect the final decision will also depend on the money he makes. Call me cynical. Anyway, I'm long past the point where his frequent transfer updates are annoying. They're pretty fascinating as an experiment in just what the media (and I guess I'm loosely included in that grouping) will cover and how it can influence football teams and fans. I'm mainly throwing these quotes out to dispel the United chat that's going on, because we already knew it was down to those three teams, but most are reporting it as actual news.

I still suspect City as the final destination. In case you were curious.

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