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Silly season is here, want to share what you are reading?

Yesterday we took some suggestions to make the site a little better, and some of the feedback has given me some very good ideas. Thank you for that, you'll start to see of few of them implemented very soon. One of the running themes that I saw in that thread though was that many of you would like to see more writers contributing to the front page. Others of you were looking for suggestions for what you could be doing for an interesting Fanpost. I've got an interesting idea that I'm going to share with all of you later in the weekend that might help with both of these things, but before we get going down that path I'd like to do a little basic housekeeping.

The Fanpost section of the site has been getting a lot of use lately, and that's great. I'm hoping it gets even more use soon though, so I'd like to make sure we start using the Fanshot section that we have available a little more often. As an example, yesterday I read this little bit of news. There really isn't a lot there, but it is yet another new name we've seen connected to Chelsea. With that in mind, I'd like to see if any members of the community have anything to share about him. I don't have more than a sentence or two of my own to add, so instead of making this a Fanpost, I'm going to make this into a Fanshot. Some of you expressed a little confusion in how to do this, so after the jump I'm going to give you an illustrated walk through of exactly how to do it.

First and foremost, I need the address of the article I'd like to link to. Simply highlight the address of the page you want to share with us, right click, and choose "copy". So far so good.

Next up, we're going to make a fanshot. Log on to We Ain't Got No History and you'll see the option for a new Fanshot at the top of the right hand column (I used our SB Nation Bolton site for this example, as that section of my screen looks a bit different when logged on to WAGNH):


You can also find the new Fanshot option at the bottom of the Fanshot column, located here:


Left click on that, and you'll open up the following screen. Look at the area I've noted in the screen below...this lets you choose which type of Fanshot you'd like to do:


In the case of the article I'd like to share, I'm going to choose the link option. This will probably be the one you use the most. I'm now going to paste the address I copied into the area below labeled "URL". So far so good, right?


Now all that I have to do is title this article and add any description that I'd like. The title is pretty straightforward, as the Mail is simply claiming we have a new transfer target. Therefore I'm simply going to title this "Chelsea reportedly targeting Seydou Doumbia" Easy, right? After that I'm just going to write a sentence or two in the description section, but you don't even have to bother with this if you don't want to.

That's really it, there's just one more thing to do before you hit publish. Read it over quickly and double check for spelling errors and punctuation. It's only a few sentences, the extra 10 seconds will be well worth it. Once it's good to go, simply hit "Publish" and you'll see your work appear in the Fanshot column. My new Fanshot can be found here if you want to see how nice and neat it looks. This will eliminate a few of the one or two sentence Fanposts, and later today you'll understand why I want to see that happen. This also leaves us a perfect place to discuss the new flavor of the minute. Have at it...

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