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End Of Season Metathread

Now that the Chelsea have been crowned champions of Europe (this happened!), the 2011/12 season is done. The past year has seen this site grown to frankly silly levels, so I thought now would be a good time to evaluate the content, the site rules and how we moderate things. And since the community has been so important for that growth, I want everyone here to be able to have their say.

Some obvious things aren't up for debate, such as the rules against homophobia, racism, sexism*, etc. Pretty much everything else is. Do we want a stricter set of site rules so that commenting is less of a mess? Looser rules? More moderators? More writers? Different topics (Chelsea ladies?) Please weigh in in the comments. This discussion will shape how this blog works over the next year, so have your say now!

And if you're a lurker, this would be a good place to introduce yourself and tell us how we could get better for next year.

*I was pretty disappointed in the attacks on the women of the community in the Torres thread, incidentally. That's not happening again here.

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