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Didier Drogba: 'Fernando Torres Is The Future'; Would Have Stayed If Chelsea Had Lost

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Ian McGarry is good for something after all - he's just sat down with Didier Drogba and come up with a fairly long, in-depth interview with the departing Chelsea legend. I don't have a transcript in front of me, but I took some notes. It's all pretty good stuff. Bullet points!

  • On Fernando Torres. Drogba believes strongly in Torres and they have a very good relationship. Now that he's left, it's time for Torres to take over - the exact quote was 'Torres is the future here and the future is Torres'. The two also wish they'd been given more chances to play together this season.
  • On his destination. He's not staying in England, but didn't say more beyond that. So no defecting to Manchester United or anything silly, which duh.
  • On the Champions League win. Drogba says that he would have signed whatever contract Chelsea offered had they lost the match on Saturday, because he knew that he still had unfinished business and another trophy to win. But since they won it (ed note: CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!), he could begin a new adventure. Drogba also went on to say that Petr Cech was the real hero for his penalty saves, and that he didn't cry after he scored the winning spot kick - he just talked crazy things to himself.
  • On a potential Chelsea return. He would love to come back to the club in some capacity, although he's not sure if the pressure of being manager is for him. His words: "If Chelsea ask me to come cut the grass, I will do it!".

At the risk of repeating myself, Drogba's a legend for being the best striker we've ever had (and possibly that we've ever even seen) and a top-class person off the pitch as well. The Champions League win meant a lot to the for, but it also meant that he could ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. And I think that's the best part of this story - Didier Drogba is finally at peace with his Chelsea career.

Good luck wherever you go, Didier!

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