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Sao Paulo President Claims Chelsea Have Bid €40M For Lucas Moura

Maybe we could send Sao Paulo one of these and they'd accept?
Maybe we could send Sao Paulo one of these and they'd accept?

It sounds like all the major transfer targets are in play, as far as wingers go. Chelsea have already been closely linked to Porto forward Hulk, with the Portuguese media even going so far as to claim a deal has already been worked out. Eden Hazard mentioned the Blues by name on Sunday following his final game at Lille. And now we have some Lucas Moura news too, courtesy of luciobrazil007 in the fanpost section.

The relevant bits:

Has an offer been made on the part of the Nerazzurri?

"Yes, Inter have presented a 25 million offer but that was not considered satisfactory to us."

Are other teams interested in Lucas?

"Certainly, from several European clubs... I have received an offer that higher than that of Inter."

From whom?


For how much?

"40 million."

And Sao Paulo did not accept?

"No, however, at the moment it is Chelsea that are the closest team to Lucas."

Chelsea's Champions League win means an enormous and slightly unexpected cash windfall for the club, one that's catapulted them into the absolute top tier of buying power this summer. With income from next year's tournament now assured and combined with the insane amount of prize money the Blues earned from winning the whole thing, Chelsea are now serious contenders for pretty much everyone (although I wouldn't bet on this being much more than a negotiation play from Sao Paulo).

Considering that the squad is in dire need of patching up to compete on all fronts next season, rather than just the knockout tournaments, that can only be a good thing. Expect to see basically everyone who's anyone linked heavily to Chelsea this summer, and don't expect quick resolutions on anything. This is what happens when you're CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE.

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