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All Hail David Luiz

Bongarts/Getty Images

Chelsea centre half David Luiz didn't have his best performance against Bayern Munich, but it was good enough. The Brazilian, who'd missed more than a month with a hamstring tear picked up in Chelsea's FA Cup semifinal win against Tottenham Hotspur, played a full two hours at the Allianz Arena in which Chelsea conceded just one goal. Considering that the Bundesliga runners-up averaged a goal every half hour at home in the Champions League prior to Saturday's final, that's some accomplishment.

Even more impressive is the fact that he didn't just play rusty - David Luiz played despite the injury flaring up again before the match and hurting himself in the first half:

I'd been out for 35 days and came back to training last week but, two days before the final, I had a bad pain again in the hamstring. It meant I might not be able to play. I took the fitness test on Friday OK but, even in the game, after 20 minutes I could feel it again. Feel it bad. But I told myself I was not going to let it make me come off.

I'd worked all my life for this. This was the dream I'd had as a kid, to play in this game. So I told myself that I would play with my heart. I did not need to play with my body when my heart was strong. And now I have the reward. We have won the Champions League.

David Luiz has taken flack for his erratic displays at times, from Chelsea fans and elsewhere, but nobody could ever say the man lacks spirit. Thank you for not exposing us to Jose Bosingwa as a centre back, David. Your heart saved ours.

Also you are an amazing drunk:

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