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Hazard Watch: Winger Defers Decision; Chelsea Now A Possibility Once More


Winning the Champions League does have its drawbacks - sort of. Everyone was hoping the Eden Hazard transfer saga would be over one way or another with the conclusion of the Ligue 1 season, but the Lille winger has now claimed that Chelsea's European Cup triumph has catapulted them back into contention for the young Belgium's services:

As long as I've not put pen to paper, I won't say where I'm going. Chelsea makes you hesitate. They've won the Champions League and they'll be in it next season. For now nothing's been decided but it will be soon. Now I want to join up with the national team and then go on holiday. It'll do me a lot of good.

It is possible that Chelsea's arrival at the negotiation table will delay things, as nothing is done. My agent has met with Manchester and with Chelsea. They both give good offers and are both great clubs. I don't know. It's not been finalised yet.

-Source: Canal+ via Guardian.

We've talked at length about Hazard's agent's ability to manipulate the media and he's got this down to a science at this point. My suspicion is that every single time he says something like this he's trying to drum up attention from the teams that aren't mentioned. 'I'm going to Manchester' means 'make me a better offer, Chelsea'. 'Chelsea or Manchester (City?)' means 'Hey, Arsene, what are you going to do with the Robin van Persie money'.

Hazard is maximising his future earnings here, which is good for him, but he's coming across like a complete tool in doing so, which probably isn't. Or maybe he loves to troll and is enjoying the heck out of it. No matter what, I'd guess he won't the most popular man in England regardless of where he ends up deciding to ply his trade.

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