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Chelsea Win The Champions League; Now About Eden Hazard...

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Well, I guess the season is over. What a way to end it, wasn't it? Now that we're the champions of Europe (I can't believe I wrote that) it's time to start adding to the squad in an attempt to become the first team to ever defend a Champions League title (I can't believe I wrote that either). If the newspapers are to be believed, we were certainly working towards that goal even as we were preparing for the biggest game in the club's history. According to reports out of France, Chelsea have been meeting with the representatives of Eden Hazard in the days leading up to the Champions League final.

I'm skeptical of how much information in these reports is actually true, I get the feeling that Hazard's representation is just very good at using every available avenue to extract every last dollar/euro/pound that they can when he moves to England. That being said, it's certainly something worth keeping an eye on now that we know we'll have Champions League income and football to look forward to next season. I guess it's just far too early in the offseason to rule anything out as we look to win the big eared trophy for a second consecutive time. Anyway, enough transfer talk for now. Go back to celebrating the best day in Chelsea history! WE WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! WE WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! WE WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!

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