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Frustrated that Josh McEachran never played at Swansea City? He was.

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Most of us had pretty high expectations for Josh McEachran heading into this season. One of the larger complaints I've heard about AVB around these parts was his lack of playing Josh McEachran when others in our midfield were continually disappointing. When he only played 170 first team minutes this past fall many of us (including Josh) thought the best situation would be for the youngster to head elsewhere on loan for the spring. He did, joining Brendan Rodgers and Swansea City. Rodgers proceeded to play Josh for only 216 minutes this spring, and towards the end of the season he didn't feature at all. McEachran was frustrated, as he made clear this afternoon:

It's been frustrating. I've just got to keep my head up. I'm looking forward to going back to Chelsea and training with the team again.

It's unclear at the moment what the future holds for McEachran, but I'd guess it's largely dependent on both the outcome of this Saturday's Champions League final and whomever is in charge of Chelsea FC this fall. It will nice to have Josh back in training this summer though, as he's certainly going to be one I hope to see when Chelsea heads to the US this summer. Welcome back Josh, hopefully this spell at Swansea tought you a few new trick that you didn't get to show anybody.

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