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And Now Some Good Injury News From Henry Winter

Getty Images

No, it's not Henry Winter getting injured. Why would you think that? That's a mean thing to think.

Anyway, Mr. Winter watched Chelsea train today, and he reports that David Luiz and Gary Cahill are back in full training - not light work or any of that other nonsense. In fact, he was rather thoroughly optimistic about their fitness, claiming that without any setbacks it looks like both will be ready to start on Saturday:

Having both players around would make life much, much easier. Nobody doubts the firepower Bayern possess, but having four fullbacks against the Arjen Robben-Mario Gomez-Franck Ribery trident would be somewhat suboptimal. At least Cahill and David Luiz actually know how to play their positions. I'd be much, much more confident that the Blues have a chance if those two are playing.

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