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Hazard Watch: Lille Winger Bound For Manchester

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With Chelsea being linked heavily to Brazilian winger Hulk, the chances of us ending up with Lille superstar Eden Hazard were looking fairly small. Now they look even smaller:

Yes, Hazard is still being hilariously obtuse, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he's going to end up at Manchester City. Because they have lots of money and United are a team that are pretty much made up of wingers. Honestly, if you'd given me the choice of Hulk and Hazard if I wanted to win a match tomorrow, I'd have taken Hulk, but Hazard is much younger and is a brilliant, brilliant player. It's kind of annoying that City will nab him, but I'm pretty excited about seeing him play against better competition regardless.

Oh well. Hulk!