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Report: Hulk already has a deal in place with Chelsea FC

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We've heard quotes from both Hulk and his agent this week which would suggest that Hulk would like to be leaving Porto this summer and heading towards one of the top leagues in Europe. While that type of move seemed inevitable, our previous interest in the Brazilian forward and mountains of money would make Chelsea appear a logical landing place. Still, with a ridiculous buyout clause and Porto's general stubborness to sell at a reasonable price, it seemed unlikely that Hulk would be sold quickly or without a drawn out bidding war. With that in mind I was a little surprised at how certain those two sounded that a move would happen.

While I was a bit interested in Hulk's certainty of a move, reports out of Portugal today would seem to clear this up a little bit. Desporto is reporting that Hulk already has a deal in place to make his way to London over the summer. Wow. They aren't reporting a price, but they are pretty clear that Hulkamania is reportedly coming. He'd fill a need, and he'd certainly add another threat in front of goal, so as long as the price is right I'd be all for this move.

I really can't say whether or not I'm buying this rumor, but at the very least it's another thing to be aware of. Desporto have been accurate with this type of thing in the past, they were among the first to have anything on Chelsea and AVB last summer and I believe they broke the Falcao to Atletico transfer as well. That said, their source is very unclear, so there may not be anything to this. Stay tuned, this is certainly something to watch.

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