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Chelsea Vs. Bayern Munich Team News: David Luiz And Gary Cahill Still Not Fit

Bart wins... for now.
Bart wins... for now.

As Scooby-doo would say; ruh-rohs.

David Luiz and Gary Cahill won't be available this Saturday. We are obviously working our hardest towards next Saturday. We hope to have the whole group training next week.

They have been out three or four weeks, it's not three or four months - at the end of the day with the suspensions we have to push them as hard as we can to be ready. We obviously tried to get them back as soon as possible, but they weren't ready. So now we try for the next game. They are at similar stages. In the last couple of days [before the final] we will see what kind of level they have reached.

-Roberto di Matteo. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

Although both David Luiz and Gary Cahill managed to pick up hamstring problems in important semifinal matches, I wasn't really going to worry about the prospect of one or both being absent for the Champions League final until it was confirmed that they would end up missing the Blackburn Rovers game... but now that is confirmed, and we're in for a really interesting time of things ahead of the big match on May 19th.

We absolutely need both available thanks to the suspensions handed out to Branislav Ivanovic and John Terry - without them we're probably looking at a back line of Ashley Cole, Oriol Romeu, Jose Bosingwa and Paulo Ferreira, which would be traumatic in such a important match. So, let's just hope they can come back fully fit by mid-next week, or we're in a whole world of trouble. Facing Mario Gomez without any centre backs is just asking for a world of pain.

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