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Ivanovic Facing Possible Three Match Ban

Silly Bran.
Silly Bran.

It seems it's all bad news coming out of West London today, with firstly Manchester City being absolutely terrible and thus handing Arsenal an easy and crucial three points, then ex-Chelsea midfielder Jacob Mellis being arrested, and now the news is emerging that our very own Serbian bear could be facing some time on the sidelines. This is because, and this is news to me as well, Ivanovic "punched" resident Wigan hobbit Shaun Malonely in Saturday's Wigan match.

Video footage after the jump.

The incident wasn't handled in game due to Mike Jones being fairly distracted by Chelsea's frantic attempts to score a winner, which as we know, were ultimately successful. I guess then we should be glad that it was only spotted now, as otherwise it'd be fairly harrowing to imagine where we would be in the league right now.

What's worrying however is the fact that if Ivanovic is found guilty of violent conduct, then he would therefore miss the upcoming three London derbies: Arsenal, Tottenham and QPR. This therefore means that we face the terrifying and disturbing prospect of Jose Bosingwa playing in two of our biggest matches remaining this season (the suspension would only apply in domestic competition, thus leaving Ivanovic free to eat whoever he is tasked with marking against Barcelona). The alternative is Paolo Ferriera, which is actually a rather entertaining thought - I do remember the perennial bench warmer keeping Gareth Bale in his back pocket on two subsequent occasions.

EDIT: Ivanovic won't be missing from today's match against Fulham, as the FA wouldn't be able to fill out the necessary paperwork in time.

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