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Drake meets Drogba, pisses me off in the process

Fuck a Drake.

Pardon me while I dissect the so-called rapper above for a few moments.

I hate Drake as a musician. I hate Drake as a person. This guy, to me, is new-era mainstream pop personified - just peep the hypocrisy going down during his verse in Stay Schemin. Some of you may like the man. If so, I'm sorry (for you). However, if you are interested in joining me in collective hatred for Aubrey, here's just one of many reasons to do so:

The man was vibing with Rio Ferdinand in head-to-toe Manchester United gear a year ago. Check the tape here. Pulling a Bieber and shit.

Stop it, Jimmy. Proceed back across the pond, and never - ever - rock that Chelsea hooded sweatshirt again. Thanks. Oh yeah, and don't make that collaborative mixtape with Ross. Just no.

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