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Roberto Di Matteo calls out the FA over their general idiocy

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I imagine that the number of people on this planet that believe the English FA is run by a group of competent, intelligent individuals can be counted on one hand. You could probably count that group on one hand without using a thumb. Heck, even the Simpsons could probably still avoid using their thumbs, and they are short a finger. Well today we can officially add Roberto Di Matteo to the list of people who don't think the most highly of the FA. As quoted by the Daily Mail:

Obviously, they didn't take into consideration anything that we said. Barca will have one more day to recover than us and it might give them a little advantage. Other federations are very helpful. The English federation hasn't seemed very helpful in our case.

I obviously have a bit of a biased view here, but I have nothing critical to say about any of Di Matteo's comments. The FA should be doing whatever it can to help it's clubs succeed in Europe, as European wins bring more money to England and help the league's coefficient. I don't think there's a snowballs chance in heel that Chelsea will be prioritizing the FA Cup over the Champions League, so unless they get blown out of the water in the first leg there is a very good chance that the FA is simply forcing Chelsea to treat their premier event like a bit of an afterthought. Is that really good for the FA? Or anybody?

t's hard to see exactly what the FA is attempting to accomplish by refusing to move the game. They are clearly doing wrong by Chelsea. Should Chelsea play a weakened lineup they are cheating the fans. With the struggles of English teams in Europe this season they could by harming the future European chances of all of their clubs, although should England perform better in the future that would be negated. This move doesn't seem to benefit anyone but Tottenham, although with the rumors about Harry Redknapp and the England job you might not have to look very hard to find some logic. Wise up FA, try using a little common sense for once.

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