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Chelsea Confirm Two Cracked Ribs For John Terry, Captain Will Play Through Injury

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Well this is fun: Chelsea have confirmed that John Terry sustained two cracked ribs a week ago in Lisbon during the 1-0 win against Benfica, which the centre back then played through against Aston Villa on Saturday and Benfica on Wednesday.

Scans confirm that John has two cracked ribs sustained in last week's game in Portugal. We have been able to manage it and will continue to do so.

We'll continue to monitor it on a daily basis and will assess him for upcoming games.


I've never had a cracked rib, so I can't speak from experience here, but that sort of injury is meant to be ludicrously painful, and it's kind of astonishing that Terry was able to play through it for so long. It does bode well that Terry's been playing and that the club thinks the injury is manageable - unless he re-aggravates it via a flying elbow or something the captain should be ok to play on. This is definitely something to keep an eye on, though.

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