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Could Dortmund Star Be Chelsea Bound?

Shinji Kagawa might be a fine footballer but he's rubbish at ties and buttons.
Shinji Kagawa might be a fine footballer but he's rubbish at ties and buttons.

No, it's not Mario Gotze. That ship appears to have pretty well sailed. Instead, it sounds as though Borussia Dortmund midfielder Shinji Kagawa will refuse to sign a new contract with the club, and instead appears to be set on a move to the Premier League., who, 50% of the time, are reliable 100% of the time, are reporting that Kagawa is planing on a move to either Manchester United or Chelsea within a fortnight, which is... interesting.

Here's the relevant text:

BILD erfuhr: Der Japaner wird das Angebot über eine Verlängerung bis 2016 höchstwahrscheinlich ablehnen. Kagawa plant einen England-Transfer! Zu Manchester United oder dem FC Chelsea. Kagawa soll eine Entscheidungs-Frist von noch zwei Wochen haben. Trotz einer Gehaltserhöhung auf rund 3 Mio Euro (bisher ca. 1,5 Mio) will er Dortmund aber in Richtung Premier League verlassen.

And here's the Google translated version:

BILD learned: [Shinji Kagawa] is likely to refuse refuse Dortmind's offer of a contract extension until 2016. Kagawa is planning a transfer to England, and wants to go to either Manchester United or Chelsea. Kagawa will make his decision within two weeks. He wants to leave Dortmund for the Premier League, despite the offer of a salary increase to around €3 million (previously €1.5 million).

So that's all pretty interesting. I like Shinji Kagawa a lot and I think anyone who's seen him play with BVB would probably like him too. He's an incredibly skillful dribbler and passer who can play across the third band of a 4-2-3-1 and score plenty of goals in the process. He's actually quite a lot like Chelsea favourite Juan Mata, including the focus on attacks, and I'm not entirely sure how he'd fit in on this Blues side, but I do know that he's plenty shiny and that I want him.

Thanks to that lack of fit - I don't think we're going to be playing with two trequartistas in a Christmas Tree anytime soon - I don't think this is likely to happen, but it's something that Chelsea should seriously consider. The price shouldn't be too high (my best guesstimate is £13-15M), and Kagawa is a fine young player. The value of having one of Japan's finest talents on the team also wouldn't exactly hurt the club's status over there either.

h/t to @ben_sally for the link

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