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Chelsea Continues to Troll Barcelona, Puts Logo on Formula 1 Car in Spanish Grand Prix

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Ramires puts on the breaks.
Ramires puts on the breaks.

News today of a commercial and technical partnership between Chelsea FC and the Sauber Formula 1 team did not interest or excite me too much initially.

While it's nice that the Chelsea logo will be displayed on the engine covers of the racing team, increasing Chelsea's worldwide exposure, I'm not sure if we'll ever see any tangible effects of the partnership on the field of play. Sure, they could share ideas and technology in sports medicine (and business/marketing), but unless they're ready to strap a KERS device on our players, this will all be happening in the background, away from our prying eyes.

I can't help but notice, however, just how awesome the timing of all of this is. The partnership had apparently been teased in the previous two Grand Prix (China and Bahrain) with "Out of the blue" and "True Blue" cryptically written on the cars. I didn't notice...but then again...Sauber (yeah, yeah, Sergio Perez actually looks like a real deal).

But things get more obvious from this point on. During tomorrow's testing session in Italy, the Sauber cars will display a "Welcome Chelsea FC" message and then they go The Full Monty with the Chelsea logo at this weekend's race.

This weekend's race is the Spanish Grand Prix.

...the Grand Prix that is held at the Circuit de Catalunya...

...the circuit just north of the city of Barcelona...

...the city also home to a certain "Best Team in the World".

And now the fans of said "Best Team" will get to watch a couple cars zoom around the racetrack with the logo of the team that so "cruelly", "unjustly", and "unfairly" eliminated their beloved FC Barcelona from the Champions League!


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