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John Terry Will Not Lift European Cup In Munich

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John Terry will not lift the European Cup in Munich, no matter whether or not Chelsea win or lose against Bayern. The captain will be watching events at the Allianz Arena from the stands, and according to the Guardian the club will not fight to give him special dispensation to lift the trophy should they succeed in winning what's sure to be a very difficult game.

Personally, I don't care whether it's John Terry, Frank Lampard or King Henry VII who larks around with the trophy first, so long as Chelsea win. If Terry really wanted a chance to raise the European Cup as Chelsea captain, maybe he shouldn't have gotten himself sent off at the Camp Nou.

At any rate, a win would be a win for the team rather than for any individual player. Frank Lampard knows this:

My ego doesn't need to lift it. I'd love to be a part of the team that wins it and, if we do, anyone can lift [the trophy]. But I'm devastated for John. He's a huge player for the club, a central point as the captain. He'll be there with us. It was hard to console him on Tuesday night but, hopefully, we can win it and do it as a group.

Maybe Terry's ego will be stung a little at not being out on the field if Chelsea should achieve the greatest result in their history. It doesn't really seem like his style to put himself before the club, which is what made the red card on Tuesday so strange. More than likely he'd be just as thrilled for the club to win the thing as the rest of us whether or not he's captain.

Hopefully we'll get to find out whether or not that's true.

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