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Shut Up, Cesc; Nobody Likes You

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Football is unjust sometimes. But if there’s one way you want to lose, it’s like this, being true to our style. Chelsea’s playing style damaged us, we were far superior and we created chances.

-Cesc Fabregas. Source: London Evening Standard.

Well that's one way to react to losing, I suppose. Nevermind that Barcelona were handed the tie on the plate thanks to - let's be honest - a soft red card and a soft penalty, with both decisions influenced by diving, and then contrived to draw against a Chelsea side playing Jose Bosingwa at centre back. Nevermind that the game's greatest pass came not from Xavi or Andres Iniesta but from Frank Lampard, or that the most beautiful goal came from the right boot of a hard-working winger rather than from one of Barcelona's little magicians.

No, the result was unjust, because Barcelona played the only way they know and failed to win. It was unjust because Chelsea didn't just roll over for their technically superior opponents - because they played a brand of football designed to stop Barcelona's. That's only injustice if you're so dogmatic about your style that you refuse to see that there are strengths and weaknesses to every strategy, which, well... Fabregas would probably insist on playing possession football in the face of a cavalry charge.

But anyway, I think I know why he's such a sore loser. It's because nobody likes him. Opposition fans don't respect him. He betrayed Arsenal, he's not good enough for Barcelona or Spain, he's unlikely to win anything but a piddly domestic trophy that his club believes is beneath them this year and he's just lost to Didier Drogba and Chelsea. Again.

So I guess I'll be magnanimous about his comments. They're completely understandable.

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