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John Obi Mikel calls out Alexis Sanchez for embellishing the John Terry knee

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By this point most of us have seen the John Terry red card from yesterday. It was pretty clearly a stupid decision, likely born in the frustration of Barcelona equalizing the score through a Sergio Busquets tap in. There is also very little doubt that Sanchez (in true Barcelona fashion) made the most out of what was not a whole lot of contact. John Obi Mikel certainly felt this way, as you can tell by the following quote:

The JT one was soft from what I saw and it was a yellow card. I think Sanchez made the most of it. Alexis did the same to me as well. He got me yellow carded. There was a little touch and he rolled on the ground 10 times. He definitely made the most of it.

I'm not going to go so far as Mikel to suggest that UEFA should look into reducing that from a red to a yellow. It may not have been much contact, but it was stupid enough that a red was certainly deserved. I do completely agree with him that Sanchez was making the most of every little bit of contact. The more I've seen of him this season, the more he reminds me of another guy we looked at last year in Luis Suarez. Frustration with Sanchez aside though, he never should have been put in that position to flop to the turf at the first touch (and the same goes for Cesc Fabregas). It's nice to see him calling out the dive though, as that type of behavior really is no fun to watch and needs to be frowned upon (Didier Drogba included).

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