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Barcelona Vs. Chelsea: Final Score 2-2; 10-Man Blues Advance To Munich

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Chelsea entered the Camp Nou with a 1-0 aggregate lead. That didn't last. Gary Cahill got injured Sergio Busquets scored. Then John Terry was sent off for a really really stupid knee to Alexis Sanchez. Then Andres Iniesta, scourge of Chelsea, made it 2-0 Barcelona in the 43rd minute.

In other words, we were absolutely completely, irrecoverably screwed. We had to score at least once and prevent Barcelona from ripping apart a ten-man defence. There was approximately zero way that was happening.

And then it did. Ramires, showing more speed than most of Barcelona's team put together, raced onto a pass from Frank Lampard and placed an absolutely delightful chip over Victor Valdes' head to make it 2-1 just before halftime. Chelsea led on away goals, and had to hold out for 45 minutes.

Immediately, the Blues conceded a penalty, with the otherwise excellent Didier Drogba clipping Cesc Fabregas in the box. Lionel Messi, who'd never scored against Chelsea, stepped up to the spot... and hit the crossbar. Chelsea were safe. Barcelona kept pushing forwards, forcing the Blues defence further and further back. Petr Cech tipped another Messi shot onto the post.

Time kept ticking away, and then it happened. Barcelona pushed too many men forward, and then Fernando Torres did just what he was brought in to do. Fernando Torres did this:


There was no time left for Barcelona to come back. Chelsea are going to the UEFA Champions League final, having beaten an unbeatable team 3-2 on aggregate. Wow. Community ratings after the jump.

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